Chevy Silverado Driver Tries To Impress Crowds, Drifts Into Curb And Almost Hits Spectator


The Chevrolet Silverado was never designed with drifting in mind, but seemingly spurred on by onlookers at a recent car event in the U.S., one driver thought he would try his hand at kicking out the tail of the pickup.

This video shared to Reddit shows the driver powersliding around a traffic island but he badly misjudges things and ends up sliding directly into a curb, narrowly missing a spectator who was standing there.

The force of the impact rips the rear wheel from the hub of the pickup and briefly lifts that corner of the Chevy into the air. The wheel then gets stuck beneath the rear bumper as the driver grinds the truck to a halt in front of dozens of attendees.

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It’s difficult to know all of the parts that were damaged but the owner will obviously need a new wheel, hub, leaf spring, and half shaft. They may also need an entirely new rear axle if they want to ever see their Silverado get back on the road.

Immediately after the impact, onlookers crowd around the pickup and assess the damage. The driver can then be seen taking a quick look, inevitably embarrassed by what had happened.

As expensive as the repairs will be, the driver should be thankful that things weren’t any worse. Had the broken wheel not landed beneath the bumper, the truck would have also suffered some extensive bodywork damage – not to mention what might have happened if that spectator wasn’t so quick to react…

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