Seeing A Jeep Grand Cherokee Get Struck By Lightning Is Truly Frightening


A dashcam has captured the moment that a Jeep Grand Cherokee was hit by lightning as many as four times!

This clip was recently filmed near Waverly, Kansas in the midst of a heavy thunderstorm. The Jeep can be seen approaching an intersection when all of a sudden, a bolt of lightning hits it. A further three lightning strikes then hit the Grand Cherokee in quick succession.

It is frightening to watch and immediately after the strikes, the lights of the SUV turn off as its electrical systems are probably fried. In addition, it looks as though the Jeep gently squats down after the strikes, indicating that the tires were also blown out.

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The individual who uploaded the video says that a married couple were in the car with a baby and two children under 2 years of age. Thankfully, they all escaped without injury.

Getting struck by lightning is one of the most terrifying things imaginable but cars are a relatively safe place to be thanks to the current being routed from their metal skin to the ground. Richard Hammond famously recreated getting struck by lightning during the early days of Top Gear and in that case, the VW Golf used for the test continued to function as normal afterwards.

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