A Nissan Leaf for 99 cents — but there’s a catch


A Nissan dealership in Virginia sold all five Leafs on its lot for a total of $4.95 last week.

The upside for the store was that each buyer also paid full price for the least popular full-size pickup in the country, the Nissan Titan.

The dealership, Hart Nissan of Nova in Springfield, advertised the two vehicles as a package deal: Buy an undiscounted 2021 Titan and get a two-year lease on a battery-powered 2020 Leaf for only 99 cents.

The lease, which works out to less than a penny a week, allows up to 10,000 miles a year.

After Car and Driver wrote about the unusual offer, the dealership offloaded all five Leafs left in its inventory within days, according to The Drive.

All five were Leaf Plus models with a larger battery and 226 miles of range.

The fine print on the dealership’s “Buy 1 Drive 2” ad said all rebates and incentives available on the Titan would go to the dealer.

Nissan sold 7,463 Titans in the U.S. in the first quarter. That was 30 percent more than it sold a year earlier but only 1.3 percent of the full-size pickup segment.

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