Can The All-Electric Audi RS e-tron GT Worry The BMW M5 CS?


If you’re in the market for a premium performance sedan, you could go for a traditional, ICE-powered car like the BMW M5 CS, or embrace the future and choose one of a few all-electric models that are currently are there like the Audi RS e-Tron GT.

To see which of the two is better, Chris Harris recently headed to a tight and twisty circuit in the UK and put them through their paces. First up is the RS e-tron GT. Harris claims to be a massive fan of how the Audi looks and says that it offers performance that truly boggles the mind. However, he notes that like other high-performance electric vehicles, it understeers when pushed to its limits.

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Fortunately, it does become much more intuitive once you switch off the ESC system. Harris says that the Audi can be pushed into oversteer easier than the Taycan and that it is also much easier to powerslide than the Porsche.

The journalist then jumps into the M5 CS. He thinks it has one of the best interiors of any sports sedan and when he starts hustling it around the circuit notes that it is much more fun to drive than the Audi.

The M5 CS doesn’t soak up the bumps and curbs as well as the RS e-tron GT and when pulling out of corners, it doesn’t feel quite as fast. However, beyond 70 mph, it provides the type of acceleration that the Audi cannot match. The steering feel is also superior to the RS e-tron GT and it kicks out its rear end even better. According to Harris, it is “silly” – and truly “magnificent.”

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