The New BMW M3/M4 Drift Analyzer Is Fun, But Could It Be Dangerous?


The new BMW M3 and M4 have a lot going for them, including an all-new engine that helps to boost performance over the previous-generation models. One of the updates also made to the new cars is the fitment of a ‘Drift Analyzer.’

As the name implies, this system analyses the drifts a driver performs in the car. It can only be accessed by turning off all of the safety nannies so is best used on a racetrack, rather than on the road. Eager to test out the system, Evo Magazine’s Steve Sutcliffe headed onto a circuit and started powersliding the new M3.

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The Drift Analyzer measures a host of different parameters to provide drivers with a rating of their drift. It measures things including the distance covered by the rear wheels, the speed of the drift and most importantly, the angle of the car.

The best drift performed by Sutcliffe was awarded 4.5 stars out of 5 by the system. Interestingly, he suggests that the system is much more interested in the angle of the drift than the speed or distance. The bigger the angle, the higher the score.

While the system will no doubt be appreciated by some owners, Sutcliffe also suggests that it could lead to a number of crashes as M3/M4 owners try to get the highest drift rating possible on the street.

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