This Rolls-Royce Cullinan Had Its Brakes Checked At A Chevy Dealer


One would expect the owner of a Rolls-Royce Cullinan to take their luxurious SUV to their nearest Rolls-Royce dealership were they ever in need of a service or a quick check-up. Evidently, the owner of this Cullinan decided a Chevrolet dealership would be up for the job.

This image was shared in the Justrolledintotheshop Subreddit that is filled with interesting posts by mechanics from all around the world.

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The individual who uploaded this photo says the owner of the Cullinan came to the Chevrolet dealership to have the brakes of the SUV checked. The mechanic adds that they wanted him to check out the inside of the rotors, perhaps because of a noise in that area, meaning the mechanic had to put the Rolls-Royce on the shop’s lift.

In news that won’t surprise anyone, the mechanic adds that the Rolls-Royce in question is owned by a footballer.

While the Cullinan is one of the most refined SUVs on the planet, the owner of this example has seemingly decided to make it look subdued and had the exterior wrapped in a combination of matte and gloss black. The massive wheels of the Rolls have also been finished in matte black and even the headlights have been tinted black.

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