Watch A Peugeot Have A Horrific Crash On A Polish Highway


Crashing a car can be a very scary experience and we imagine the driver of this white Peugeot 207 was particularly terrified during a recent crash in Poland.

This clip was filmed just west of the city of Katowice and shows the Peugeot traveling in the center lane of the highway. The road is wet and, when making the left turn on the highway, the rear-end of the hatchback appears to momentarily lose traction, sending the car sliding into the left lane.

The driver then appears to overcorrect and the car suddenly kicks out to the right and slides into a grass embankment on the side of the highway. The force and angle of the impact sends the Peugeot twisting and turning into the sky before it slams back down to the road and lands on its side.

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It’s quite difficult to explain just what caused the driver to lose control on the road. Sure, the highway is wet but the Peugeot isn’t taking the corner any faster than the other two vehicles near it. One possible explanation is that the car has badly worn tires and simply couldn’t generate any grip. It’s also possible the driver may have suddenly tugged at the steering wheel to the left and that this is what first led to the loss of traction.

This is far from the only crash to happen at this exact corner on the Polish highway. A compilation video posted to YouTube back in February captured dozens of other crashes at the exact same corner, most of which also happened in wet conditions. Interestingly, most of the crashes in this video happen on the opposite side of the road.

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