Watch Valet Driver Crash A Tesla Model S In A Parking Lot


If you own a fast car, handing over the keys to a valet could very well be the worst thing you could do if the latter is irresponsible. Case in point, this white Tesla Model S Performance that was recently wrecked by a valet driver.

The incident in question happened at the La Cantera Resort in San Antonio, Texas, with the Tesla being owned by the boyfriend of Redditor kingbabyy.

The valet driver was clearly very eager to test out the performance of the Model S and can be seen driving to an empty area of the resort’s large parking lot. He then proceeds to do a u-turn in the Tesla and sets it up in a straight line.

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Whole video of valet joyride in Tesla cut short @ La Cantera Resort from IdiotsInCars

With the driver flooring the right pedal, the Tesla launches off the line, but apparently he wasn’t quick enough to react when approaching a curve in the parking lot. Moments later, the car spears off the paved area and slides into a grass embankment before smashing into a raised concrete walkway. Curiously, the valet continues to drive the car after the impact.

The Redditor took to Imgur to detail just how much damage was caused to the car. The driver’s side wing mirror has been broken, the bumper scratched and dented, both of the inner wheel fenders torn off, both front tires punctured, and both rear wheels have also being damaged. It’s a very sorry sight and we can only begin to imagine how annoyed the Tesla owner would have been when they saw the damage.

Tesla Damage – Post Valet Joyride

Valet joyride in Tesla S – Side camera angle

More Tesla damage

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