Redemption! Diesel Brothers Prepare for New Season by Crushing Past Fails—Literally!


In the fourth and final episode of Diesel Brothers: Diesel Nation, Dave “Heavy D” Sparks and Diesel Dave get amped for the official start of Season 7 by facing their biggest challenges, biggest losses, biggest failures, worst builds, and most embarrassing moments head-on. Remember the two-wheel stunt fail? Or Diesel Dave’s monster truck donut fail during the pre-show of the Monster Jam finals? Or The Muscle’s “fish flop” during Ultimate Callout Challenge? Or Heavy D’s loss to Keith Spiker (Dirty Mudder Truckers) in his Hammerhead truck?

They are out for redemption, stomping out the obstacles of the past in order to emerge reborn for the new season of Diesel Brothers. Instead of seeing flops and fails as reasons to quit, they see them as opportunities for redemptive do-overs—with a dose of much-needed humor, of course.

In some cases, the best remedy for a fail is to crush it, and the guys literally do just that. They dust off the Brodozer and go ape-wild on a literal pile of parts and some symbolic reminders of past failures, smashing the past and facing the enemies with a large dose of diesel destruction. It’s the perfect path—the perfect comeback story—for emerging from the now-defunct Diesel Nation studio and starting a new season with a clean slate!

To spur on their quest for redemption, Diesel Dave and Heavy D spark up conversations with a few friends, including: the one-and-only Richard Petty (who may know a thing or two about success and failure); Farmtruck and AZN from Street Outlaws (who recount their past flops while giving a sneak peek into their new series, Street Outlaws: Farmtruck and AZN); and Mr. Tank Sinatra (who, as the Godfather of memes, knows how to make light of a bad past).

Check out the Diesel Nation finale, and help crush the Diesel Brothers’ bad past, and get ready for Season 7. It’s a fun way to kill 42 minutes, and maybe it’ll motivate you to shake off the past, learn from your own mistakes, and move forward confidently rather than sulking in fear. Hey, if the Diesel Brothers can tackle their low points and address their setbacks (in front of millions of people), then you better believe you can, too. If they can ring in a new season with a fresh start, then you can ring in a brighter future with a fresh you.

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