Audi shows 3D head-up display, Intelligent Experience concepts


LAS VEGAS — Audi revealed two larger technology concepts at CES on Tuesday, including the automaker’s 3D mixed-reality head-up display and the Audi Intelligent Experience.

The Audi Intelligent Experience is the automaker’s concept for how its customers can experience and interact with cars of the future, Ivo Muth, vice president of user interface and user experience for series production cars for Audi, told reporters.

The concept considers how the use of sensors and other technologies such as artificial intelligence can create a personalized driving, sensory and safety experience for drivers based on “learning” their preferences and behaviors in the vehicle.

Audi included its self-learning navigation system, which is integrated in Audi MMI systems, in the Intelligent Experience as one example of how customized and individualized Audi vehicles could become. The Intelligent Experience saves preferred destinations, connects drivers with the date, time and current traffic situation, and derives suggested routes from this data, according to the automaker.

Audi said it expects other concepts of the Intelligent Experience to roll out over the next few years with the goal of increasing customer well-being, safety and comfort.

For example, the Intelligent Experience could sense the driver’s stress or autonomously implement different seating, media or sensory experiences for the driver based on learning cues, according to Audi employees.

Audi’s 3D display enables objects and people to be marked directly in the driver’s field of view as a projection on the windshield floating at a distance of about 26 to 33 feet from the vehicle. The display also holds opportunities for infotainment.

Audi’s human-centric lighting — a project that examines how the way a driver feels can be influenced by targeted light colors — was displayed alongside the Audi AI:ME, the full-electric compact car designed for autonomous sharing in large, geofenced cities that was unveiled at the Shanghai auto show last April.

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