The lights on this Special Christmas Nissan LEAF are powered by its own regeneration braking

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To bring Christmas cheer while celebrating the power of regenerative energy, a special one-off Nissan LEAF has gained branches to become a Nissan Christmas TREE. Decked out in a spectacular light display, the Nissan TREE showcases the way the electric car regenerates power when braking or decelerating.

Two driving functions provide energy regeneration in the Nissan LEAF. The e-Pedal allows the driver to start, accelerate, decelerate and stop using only the accelerator pedal. The e-Pedal also helps the car harvest energy via regenerative braking.

The lighting display is powered solely from the cars regeneration braking

This works by recycling the energy from the movement of the car during braking or deceleration, which then goes straight back to the batteries, where it is used to recharge the cells. Meanwhile, B mode is a driving function that regenerates energy under braking, with drivers using the traditional brake pedal as normal.

Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow

Fitted with thousands of LEDs, shimmery baubles and a reindeer, the car is brighter than Rudolph’s nose. The sparkling display reminds sustainably-minded drivers about the energy generation made possible through owning an electric vehicle. In fact, the average Nissan LEAF driver regenerates 744kWh of clean energy if they drive 11,000 miles. This energy saving is equivalent to 20% of the overall domestic electricity consumption of an average household.

Nissan LEAF drivers would generate enough energy to power up:

  • 266 Christmas trees with 700 incandescent bulbs for a full hour
  • 297 ovens for one hour to cook your Christmas dinner
  • 744 televisions for five hours to watch your favourite Christmas movies
  • 10,783 houses with 1,000 LED lights for five hours

“Santa shouldn’t be the only one with a festive mode of transport. We wanted to make the Nissan LEAF more fun at this time of year whilst driving home a very important message,”

said Helen Perry, head of electric vehicles for Nissan Europe.

“We hope this custom-made vehicle inspires people about the benefits of regenerative energy. After nearly ten years since LEAF was first introduced in Europe, Nissan continues to be fully focused on providing consumers a more sustainable lifestyle through electric mobility.”


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