Buying An Electric Car? Test Your Knowledge Of These Warning Symbols

Electric Cars

With more and more folks switching to electric and hybrid vehicles nowadays, Leasing Options thought it would be a good opportunity to test out your electric and hybrid car knowledge by challenging you to a dashboard warning light quiz!

In this quiz you’ll only find warning lights that’ll pop up on these types of cars, rather than on conventional petrol and diesel ones. If you are thinking of or have just bought yourself a new electric or hybrid car, it’s important that you know these warning lights in case one illuminates on your dashboard while on the road.

The quiz will not only tell you what the warning light is, but also what to do when one appears, so you know whether it’s a simple case of restarting the car or if you need to pull over and get the fault fixed immediately.

So, take the quiz and put your electric and hybrid knowledge to the test and once you’re done, why not share it with your friends to see who knows the most?


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