Driving A $3.2 Million, 1,479 HP Bugatti Chiron Sport Can Be A Life-Changing Experience


With production of the Bugatti Chiron hitting 200 earlier this year and only a small fraction of those being in the Chiron Sport spec, not only most of us will never get close to one, but we probably won’t even see it during our daily commutes.

Thus, unless we win the lottery or inherit a huge amount of money from an uncle we did not know we had, it remains out of reach for us mortals. However, we can try to pretend that we know what it’s like from behind that very expensive steering wheel courtesy of a few videos that have ended up online, including this one.

Watch: Tweaked Bugatti Chiron Prototype Hits A Certified 304.77 MPH

The Chiron Sport in question was supplied to Florida by Bugatti themselves and came bundled with a representative who rode shotgun to make sure that the short test drive did not turn into a nightmare. The price on it is a heart-stopping $3.2 million in the United States, or about $400,000 more than the standard Chiron. That’s without any optional extras, which would bump it to insane levels.

Theatrical is a very good word used to describe it, as it can be both fast and mean yet calm and relaxing depending on how hard or gentle you go on the throttle. And if you decide to cruise the streets, then get ready to see a lot of cameras pointed towards it, as it definitely draws attention. Words can’t really describe the driving experience of a 1,479 hp, 8.0-liter W16 quad-turbo’d-powered beast, but the following video can.

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