The Grille Of A BMW E30 3-Series Could Fit In The X7’s Glove Box


Odds are that if you’re purchasing a brand new or recently restyled BMW anytime between now and the near future, you’ll be getting a car whose radiator grille has been hitting the gym.

So whether it’s the X7 or the 7-Series LCI, or perhaps the upcoming M3 and even the updated 5-Series, some type of growth appears inevitable. The grille of the facelifted 5-Series has only grown ever-so-slightly, but in case of the M3, for example, well, let’s just say that we hope you don’t mind your Bimmer looking as flamboyant as possible.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen just how big one of these new grille designs can be when compared to an older one. We actually saw somebody hold out a second-gen 3-Series grille next to an X7 back in April, but that grille wasn’t attached to a car.

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Here however, we can sort of see the bigger picture thanks to Global Auto Exchange posting an image of a white X7 parked next to an old E30 3-Series Touring. The latter’s kidney grille looks only slightly bigger than the X7’s fuel cap, while the X7’s looks like it could almost span the entire length of the E30’s windshield.

In the case of the upcoming M3, BMW made a decision to beef up the front fascia considerably despite the car being pretty much the same size as the previous-generation model.

Well, with the X7, there was no precedent for such a large BMW, and we can rest assured that the automaker’s designers tried on various sizes before choosing this one. Also, compared to the E30 3-Series, the X7 is wider by roughly 400 mm (15.7 inches) and taller by some 450 mm (17.7 inches), so it needed a “face” to match its larger than life persona.

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