Tesla owner takes on Porsche’s claim with Model 3 Performance doing 31 launches

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A Tesla Model 3 Performance owner tried to prove Porsche wrong regarding their claim that the Taycan is the first electric car capable of repeatable high performance.

While he managed to do 31 consecutive launches with the Model 3, it didn’t really prove Porsche wrong… yet.

Porsche has previously mentioned that unlike Tesla’s performance vehicles, the Taycan is going to be able to maintain continuous higher power output for long periods of time.

That’s how Porsche is trying to differentiate itself from Tesla’s performance vehicles, which can beat Porsche on several metrics, but if the performance is pushed for an extended period of time, the vehicle starts limiting the power output.

However, the German automaker has yet to really prove that it can truly deliver high performance for a longer period of time.

In an attempt to do that, Porsche invited the Fully Charged YouTube channel to do 30 launches with a pre-production Taycan prototype on an airstrip near Stuggart.

The car managed to keep a 10-second 0 to 200 km/h (124 mph) acceleration after the 30 launches.

After the video, a Tesla Model 3 Performance owner going by “Tesla Trip” on YouTube set out to prove that Tesla could do better by doing 31 consecutive launches:

While the endurance test provides an interesting data point, it’s hard to compare it with Porsche’s test since he limited the launches to 60 mph, which is not even close to 124 mph launches that the Taycan was doing.

Electrek’s Take

In the last episode of the Electrek Podcast, Seth and I went into how Porsche’s claim is not yet that impressive.

We would need a lot more data to concede that Porsche’s power repeatability is any better than a Tesla performance car.

Even though Tesla indeed puts a lot of limitations on its highest power output, that’s because it actually allows people to achieve it.

But even with lower power output, the Model S Performance still achieves comparable or better performance than the Taycan, at least based on what we know so far, while being repeatable.

Now as for this test, I don’t think it shows anything beyond the fact that Model 3 Performance is able to do over 30 0-60 mph launches without seemingly losing any power.

That’s impressive, but it’s not comparable to 0-124 mph (200 km/h) launches.

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