Teen Pushes Birthday Gift BMW Into River Because He Wanted A Jaguar


An 18-year old man from India reportedly pushed his brand new BMW into a river after receiving the German car for his birthday.

News outlet NDTV reports that the young man was given the white BMW 3-Series from his parents for his birthday but it wasn’t the car he wanted. Instead, the man purportedly demanded his parents gift him a Jaguar and evidently, the German alternative was not to his liking.

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Footage shared online in India shows the BMW slowly sinking beneath the surface of a river but despite the youth’s best efforts to destroy the vehicle, it apparently re-surfaced after flowing into a small island on the river. Locals rushed to try and save the BMW but it remains to be seen if they were successful in doing so.

“Akash was unhappy with his father for not buying him (a) Jaguar,” police said in a statement. “He deliberately pushed (the) luxury vehicle BMW into the river.”

According to one local villager, people tried to prevent the 3-Series from going under out of fear that someone might have been inside but fortunately, the car was empty.

Officials say no charges have been filed against the ungrateful man with claims that he has a mental deficiency and is undergoing treatment.

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